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Friemel Fine Art

"Good Shepherd" - Oil

Welcome to the my Fine Art home-page! 

I'm Randy Friemel, and I am a professional artist in the Texas panhandle town of Hereford, Texas.

 I work full-time as an artist, which always makes people do a double-take when they ask my profession...

I did not become an artist because I've always loved the idea, but rather because I have been given the ability, and therefore must put it to task.  It is a "calling", yes, but much more than that.  I am striving to improve upon where I began, and learning at a much more rapid rate.  INVESTING myself in myself.  Does that make sense??

In other words, it IS work.  It is tedious, and the ideas are the hardest part.  And make no mistake, everything I do is for a reason.  Although I get to 'do what I love',as people say, it's not because painting is my favorite thing  to do... It's that I am compelled to find even an inkling of time to create something because it is BURNING to come out..!   Why?  I am not 100% positive, but I think I am finally doing what I'm made to do, so help me God.            -Randy


I am donating 100 dollars to Food for the Poor for every painting sold this year(2014).  I will continue if I see that it makes a difference. "If you bestow your bread on the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted, then light shall arise for you in the darkness" Isaiah 58:10


 Friemel paints with oils primarily, and uses prisma-color color pencil, and willow sticks 




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